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Bodywraps for Men and Women

The end result is a visible tightening and toning of your current figure using all natural Mineral Body Wraps. The results are instantaneous!

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Endermatherapy - Cellulite Treatment

A relaxing vibratory massage that targets hips, thighs & butt to Increase
circulation and breaks up fatty tissue.

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Bridal and Big Event Preparation

If you have that Super Special day coming up then we can put together a complete Bridal, Prom, Graduation or Gala Event package to get you looking AMAZING!

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Military Bodywraps

We have had many men & women call us thanking us for helping them stay or get in the Military.

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quick tanning

Healthy Airbrush Tanning

Sunless tanning is a special formulated solution that is misted over the body. Over a matter of hours it will develop in to a natural looking and totally safe tan.

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Post Baby Weight Programs

Our Yummy Mommy Wrap helps reduce swelling, support core abdominal muscles and return your body to its original size sooner whilst also making you look instantly slimmer, adding confidence and helping you feel better after baby.

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ThermaSlim Infrared Fat Reduction Treatment

This treatment is ideal if you are looking to lower your body fat (BMI) and kick start your Weight Loss regime. Thermaslim™ is also beneficial in relieving Joint and Muscle Pain.

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Chi Treatment

Chi Therapy balances the chi (body’s energy) with an easy, relaxing session that is equivalent to a five mile run without the stress on the joints.

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Teeth Whiting

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  • 6511
    Julie C.
    After the body wrap, I could definitely see results! I was more toned! It was like I had spent a month at the gym, but instead only a little while at Suddenly Slimmer in La Jolla!
  • 6509
    Brynlee A.
    I've had the body wrap treatment about three times now and I could say Im thoroughly satisified. Ive seen a significant difference in my body tone and my skin is looking healthy, young and beautiful, I dont know why everyone isnt doing this!
  • 6510
    Ardyth K.
    I enjoyed my wrap...I lost a lot of calories, my skin was softer and my skin is smoother looking. I plan on having another, I am working on the last ten pounds off, this is the extra boost I need to make that happen.
  • Mari F.
    Encinitas, CA
    WONDERFUL NEW OWNERS! LOWER PRICES! The new owners have renovated the spa and it looks beautiful! But they didn't stop there, they have also lowered the prices and are taking both walk in's and appointments so it's easy to get in. If you had been to Suddenly Slimmer in the past you will find this a welcomed change. The new owners Sharon and Graeme are putting their heart and soul into this, so if it's been a while since you've been there check it out! They have created a brand new place with a friendly, welcoming and professional atmosphere. I highly recommend a wrap by Savannah or Sharon and of course the results are incredible. Worth every penny. Not only do I loose inches after a wrap, but I feel so much better without toxins weighing me down. Their new phone number is: 858-750-2570
  • Myles S.
    Newport Beach, CA
    I just was there a couple weeks ago & I really liked the place, pretty homey & the best part is I'm in the Military & I passed my measurement PRT 1 week later! (the inch loss got better the day AFTER my wrap) The Tech was helpful & knowledgeable about nutrition & weight loss. I am planning on going back & bringing my buddies!"